Queca (left) together with Puyi.

First appearance

Queca was the real-life pet sheep of Carles Puyol, who earned a great deal of popularity following his inclusion in Crackòvia. One of Queca's most famous scenes in the show involves Puyi and Chygrynskiy visiting a restaurant in Kiev, bringing along Queca. After being served the main dish, a grief-stricken Puyi thought that Queca had been slaughtered to become a meal, only to moments later spot Queca walking out the staff door. Eventually, it turned out that it was Chygrynskiy's pet sheep Quica who had become dinner instead.

On June 14, 2011, Puyol announced on his Twitter account that Queca had passed away - thus retiring the character into the history books of Crackòvia.